Using Truth Statements® to Combat Fear

Truth Statements® are a coaching concept we developed at RAYMA Team years ago to help our clients re-wire their brains from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. It’s a powerful and simple mindset tool that can help you combat fear, anxiety, doubt while building your faith.

This simple practice works because it is scientifically possible to re-wire your brain with positive self-talk. And, it’s all because of neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity: the capacity of the nervous system to develop new neuronal connections.


When you replace a negative thought or idea with a positive one and keep repeating it and focusing on it, you will eventually replace that negative thought with the new positive one! Here a great Ted Talk on the subject! https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/neuroscientist-dr-joe-dispenza-ted-talk/

Say your Truth Statements® out loud 3 times every day this week to raise your belief and trust. Set a reminder in your phone for morning, afternoon, and evening so you don’t forget.

I am wise and careful.

I am secure.

I am safe and not afraid.

I will make sacrifices so my love for others is sincere.

I will build up others with my words.

Right now, is a great time to learn how to use Truth Statements® to combat fear and grow your faith. When everything around you feels unstable and chaotic, this practice can become your anchor.

With grace & grit,


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Raychel (Chumley) Perman is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Leadership Trainer. She is the CEO of RAYMA Team and the founder of Raychel Ann Beauty. Raychel is funny, wise, and tells it like it is. She is a gifted teacher who helps people recognize and change unhealthy behaviors in unique ways. Raychel bravely shares her story of overcoming PTSD and building resilience to inspire others to believe it’s never too late to create a life they love. Raychel is a talented writer who authored the UNBROKEN Bible study and co-authored many guided journals. She married her soulmate, Josh, in 2019. Raychel lives in North Dakota with her husband, 3 children, and fur-babies, Bela & Scout.

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