UNBROKEN Summer Series: Accepting the Reality of Your Situation

“I have told you this so that through me you may have peace. In the world you’ll have trouble but be courageous – I’ve overcome the world!”

John 16:33

Have you ever walked through a storm in your life and you were the last to know? I have. You are probably thinking, “Raychel, how could you not know you were in the middle of a storm?” The storm was raging inside my own head and I did not even know it was there. Accepting the reality of my situation wasn’t happening.

I accepted the labels of crazy and angry for so long I could no longer see the truth from the lie. I was so completely clueless to my own battle in the middle of one of the worst seasons with depression, I told two of my friends, “It’s a good thing my life is under control, because you guys are falling apart!” They don’t let me live that down. It’s OK. it keeps me humble. *wink*

What is it about storms in your life that makes you think that if you ignore them they will go away?

In my experience, this has worked zero times. None. Nada. I was so used to wearing the labels I couldn’t see the truth that I wasn’t crazy…I was sick. Ignoring my depression, and believing that I really was a sad angry crazy person was only making it worse and prolonging my healing. I had to accept the reality of my situation!

A few weeks after our youngest was born I was hosting a party. At some point in the evening, I started sharing about this “event” (i.e. – panic attack) that had happened with me, a few nights earlier. As I told the women this story, I could literally see the expression on their faces change. It went from calm to horror in about three seconds flat. My mom reached over and grabbed my hand and said, “Honey, do you think you might be experiencing some postpartum depression?”

Later that night I started Googling my symptoms (because that’s the sane thing to do when you think something is wrong with you) and found Postpartum Progress. I read the stories of the Warrior Moms and cried all night. I realized I wasn’t crazy. This girl wasn’t broken beyond repair or alone. You see, I was believing a lie. A lie is a lie even if you chose to believe it. That night changed everything.

That night helped me to start accepting the reality of the storm I was walking through.

And, because I accepted the reality, I could now accept help and healing. Dear brave woman, you can’t heal what you don’t acknowledge. And it’s OK if you were the last one to realize there was a problem to fix. It happens all the time. No more guilt or shame. Let’s find healing together.

When you cannot accept the reality of your situation, you prolong the pain and the brokenness because you cannot take steps towards healing. Today, let’s explore different verses that will help you better understand the beauty of accepting a harsh reality and moving forward. These verses are beautiful promises of God meant to give you peace in the midst of uncertainty. As you look up each verse, or verses, take some time and jot down what it means to you:

  • Romans 8:37-39
  • Romans 10:9-10
  • Galatians 5:1
  • Philippians 4:13-15
  • 2 Timothy 4:17

UNBROKEN Journal Questions:

  1. What has refusing to accept the reality of a storm in your life cost you in the past? 
  2. How does accepting the reality of the broken pieces in your life benefit you in the future?
  3. Write down the Bible verse/s that meant the most to you from the previous section

When I accept the reality of the storms in my life, and the broken pieces they create, I can accept the healing I need to move forward.

Truth Statement®

With Grace & Grit,


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Raychel Perman is a Certified Life & Business Coach, Speaker, Author, and Co-Founder of RAYMA Team, LLC. She is the Co-host of the She Who Overcomes™ Podcast and is funny, wise, and tells it like it is. Raychel shares her story of overcoming trauma and living with mental health challenges to inspire others to believe that the broken pieces of their past can lead to beauty, strength, and new beginnings.

Learn more about Raychel here.

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