Tips to Overcome Writers Block

Oh writer’s block. You nasty bugger you. Whether you are a seasoned published author, a newbie writer, or a blogger trying to churn out great content on a weekly basis… we all have to face it. Here are some tips for how to overcome writers block and get pen to paper quickly and easily!

#1- Google Search

Google is a writers best friend for coming up with subject materials and titles. Once you have a general direction on what you would like to write about (ie: Self-Care) you can use google to research what popular searches are in that category. In the screen shot below you will see that I simply typed in the words, “Self-care” and Google gave me the most popular endings to that phrase. You can start to narrow down your topic from that info alone and crush that writer’s block.

#2 Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine. Use it just like Google to find popular topics to write about. Let’s take the above example of “Self-care,” and say we narrowed it down to “Self-Care Tips” and put that phrase into Pinterest. Ohhh… the ideas are endless! Just see below. Not only does it come up with pins for you to write your own perspective on; (Please for the love of all that is holy DO NOT copy some one else’s work!) but also gives you other options to narrow down your focus even more.

#3 Industry Publications

Every industry has publications that can be used to help you overcome that writer’s block. Magazines, whether online or published, KNOW what the people want and spend millions on marketing and putting the right content in front of their audience. Glean from their wisdom! If they have an article that you know something about or can speak too… write about it. Link back to the article from the publication that inspired you!

Here are a few publications to get you started:

Google, Pinterest, and Industry Publications are 3 ways to help you when writer’s block rears it’s ugly head. Try one (or all 3!) and happy writing!

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