How to Overcome Procrastination with 3 Quick Tweaks

Procrastinating is strange, isn’t it? We actively avoid the things that will bring us more clarity, happiness, and success in our lives and businesses. And instead focus on the tasks that make us feel busy but are not as important to complete. Why do we do that? It only creates more confusion, stress, and anxiety! Thankfully, there are some quick tweaks you can make to overcome procrastination and find your motivation and focus again.

But, first let’s talk about why people procrastinate.

It turns out understanding your WHY is key to stopping the procrastination cycle. Procrastination is complex and different people procrastinate for different reasons. According to an article called, Why People Procrastinate: The Psychology and Causes of Procrastinationwe need self-control and motivation to help us get a project done. However, we also have all kinds of factors that demotivate and hinder us. When what hinders and demotivates us outweighs our self-control and motivation we will procrastinate. 

Common reasons people procrastinate include:

  • Abstract goals
  • Rewards are too far into the future
  • Feeling overwhelmed, and
  • Lack of motivation.

If you are curious to read more reasons, there is an exhaustive list in the article linked above. While getting down to the nitty gritty of why you procrastinate can take time and soul-searching, there are some quick steps you can take right now that will immediately motivate you and stop the procrastination cycle.

3 Quick Tweaks to Overcome Procrastination

#1- Clean up your workspace

I know it sounds crazy, but your environment can make or break your motivation. Clean up your desk, de-clutter the piles, and remove distractions (that includes children, pets, and spouses if you are working from home *wink*) and you will be able concentrate better and decrease the overwhelm. Changing up your workspace can also do wonders for your motivation and overwhelm.

#2- Pick a reward

If you need to get a task done that you have been avoiding, try giving yourself a reward when you complete it. The trick is to make sure the reward is in the immediate future. Pick something small if you like, but make sure it’s something that will motivate you to complete the task you were previously avoiding.

#3- Choose the next right step

Sometimes a task is daunting because it is large and time-consuming with lots of steps to completion. If that’s what’s making you procrastinate, pick ONE small next right step and complete it. To figure out what that step should be ask yourself, “If I were to take action right now, what is the smallest possible step I could take?” (I got this question from this amazing article here) Then write down the answer. Set a timer 10-20 minutes and get it done. Then reward yourself immediately. Rinse and repeat.

Procrastination has caused confusion and overwhelm in the past. And it will probably rear it’s ugly head in the future. But procrastination does not have to slow you down indefinitely. With these 3 quick tweaks you can feel inspired by your workspace again, reward yourself when you make progress and boost your motivation, and work in small productive steps to beat overwhelm. You will be a master at overcoming procrastination in no time!

With grace & grit,

~Raychel Perman

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7 Ways to be a Smart Decision Maker

You make decisions every single day. Some are easy, like what you will eat for breakfast. Others are much more difficult and require serious thought. The problem is we are bombarded with thousands of decisions (little and big!) each day. This decision deluge can lead to overwhelm, procrastination, and decision fatigue. Not good when you want to make a smart decision quickly! So, let’s talk about 7 ways to be a smart decision maker:

We have to make up to 10,000 trivial decisions every single day.

Noreena Hertz “Eyes Wide Open: How to Make Decisions in a Confusing World”

Tip 1: Pick the One That Moves You Forward

If you are stuck between 2 good choices (Or 2 bad choices because let’s face it not all choices are fun) ask yourself which one moves you closer to your overall goal and which one distracts? The smart decision will be the choice that most you closer to your goal.

Tip 2: Set a Timer and Hash it Out

If you just need to focus and decide, setting a timer will help. Set it for 15 minutes, write the pros and cons you need to make, all the fears or worries, and when you are finished you will have gotten to the heart of the matter quickly and can make your choice.

Tip 3: Focus On What You Can Control

When you want to be a smart decision maker, you don’t need to bog yourself down with things you can’t control. Like outside forces or other people’s opinions when you make your decision. Focus solely on what is your responsibility and under your control the quicker the decisions will come.

Tip 4: Tap Into Your Intuition

There’s an old saying: “Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.” And it’s true for making smart and quick decisions. You need to tap into your intuition to make sure you are choosing from both your rational and emotional brain- not just one or the other. If you need some tips on how to do this, you can check out the podcast I did on this topic. Click here to listen!

Tip 5: Automate Simple Decisions

To combat decision fatigue, make more of your little decision like what you are going to wear and what you will eat for lunch, more automatic. For instance, Steve Jobs only wore a black turtleneck and jeans to work every day. Just automating one daily choice will free up some brain power to focus on more pressing decisions.  

Tip 6: Decide First Thing in the Morning

Another way to make decision fatigue is not sabotaging your efforts- make the tough decision in the morning when your brain is still fresh. With every hour that passes and every decision you make you get one step closer to the limit of your decision-making abilities.

When you practice these 7 steps consistently you will become a smart decision maker. No more overwhelm, procrastination, or decision fatigue. You will be able to act with confidence and not react with regret.

with Grace & Grit,


Before you go, here are 3 ways to stay in touch: