7 Makeup Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Huge!

I have small, down-turned eyes, with eyelashes that are straight instead of curl. It’s a very common feature for Indigenous people and other races. Because of this, I’ve had to use all the tricks in the book to make my small eyes look huge. If you want to make your small eyes look here, here are a few tips that can help.

7 Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Huge…

1. Eyebrows matter.

Think of your eyes like a picture. They need a great frame to showcase their beauty. Your eyebrows are that frame. Lightly groomed or straight up stenciled it doesn’t matter. Just don’t forget to frame your face.

2. Banish darkness with makeup.

If you use under eye concealer correctly it will help those small eyes look huge. Apply your concealer down the nose and up into the corners of the eyes, not just under your eyes. Shadows abound around your nose and eyes and lightening up those areas with concealer with make a huge impact.

3. Curl those lashes.

There isn’t much to explain here. Buy an eyelash curler. Use it. Based on my experience expensive isn’t always better. Just grab one from Target the next time you are there.

4. Keep your eye makeup light.

When you have smaller eyes, you want to keep it light on the bottom lash line. So instead of doing a think black eyeliner around your entire eye only use eyeliner on the top lashes, only. Use a shadow or a lighter colored eyeliner on your bottom lashes and a swipe of mascara to keep those eyes wide open.

5. Tight line.

OK, I’m a fan of the black tight line eyeliner look (if you don’t know what tight lining is, it’s putting eyeliner on your water line.) Like it’s one of my faves when I want to show off the small shape of my eyes. But it doesn’t work when you want to make those peepers pop, tight line with white eyeliner instead. 

6. Make it pop.

Put a smudge of pearl iridescent eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes. It does wonders!

7. Use falsies.

You know how a push up bra just gives your girls some life and makes them look awesome? Well false eyelashes are the push up bra of your face. I know they are super intimidating and half the time you end up with a row of lashes on your forehead and glue in the weirdest places. But I promise they really make a huge impact when you get them just right. My favorite tip for applying false lashes… look down into a handheld mirror to apply them. Totally works better!

Make up is supposed to be fun! It’s a creative outlet!

Grab your fave tools and have a great time practicing these tips to make your small eyes look huge. Don’t worry about messing up… it’s nothing a little eye makeup remover can’t fix.

with Grace & Grit,


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