My Favorite Essential Oil Blends

I just love good essential oil blend recipes! Don’t you? While attending The Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, MN I learned how to use and blend oils. I love essential oils and their amazing properties. The oil blend recipes below are some my favorites.

If you do your research you can find a reputable company that sells amazing oils and blends. My favorites include my local health food shop Terry’s Health and Rose Mountain Herbs. I even buy from Now when I’m looking for something basic like Lavender or Orange.

My favorite essential oil blend recipes are simple. And have easy to find oils.

The recipes below are all safe to use in a diffuser. You can also use them in or in a 2 oz. carrier oil base, and apply topically. Simple carrier oils for all skin types include: Grape-seed oil , Sweet almond oil, or Jojoba oil. 

Essential oils used in the recipes and their aromatherapy benefits:

Clary Sage: Helps with relaxation and eases muscle pain. It is thought to battle exhaustion and mild depression. Clary sage also used to help balance hormones and is great for menopause, menstrual problems, and PMS.

Grapefruit*: Grapefruit is rejuvenating, refreshing, and invigorating. This citrus oil has incredible antioxidant properties.

Bergamot*: This distinct citrus oil is part of the flavor profile of Earl Grey tea. Bergamot can reduce feelings of anxiety and fatigue. It is also helpful for relieving pain and inflammation as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Basil-Basil is good for concentration, headaches, and memory enhancement. Basil is a great mood enhancer and combats feelings of sadness and fatigue.

Rosemary- Rosemary is versatile oil! It is great for respiratory problems, muscle pain, migraines, PMS, memory enhancement, and alertness.

Sweet Orange*: Sweet Orange is a great mood booster. It is also uplifting and refreshing. Sweet Orange has been used to help with stress relief, and to improve alertness. Sweet Orange has incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender– Lavender is commonly used for calming anxiety and depression symptoms. It promotes feelings of relaxation and aids in a restful nights sleep. Lavender is calming, relaxing, and soothing. 

Sandalwood: Sandalwood comes from the roots and wood of the East Indian sandalwood tree. This oil can help reduce anxiety and increase alertness. Sandalwood has been tested in various studies to show multiple benefits for the skin.

PMS and Hormone Support Blend:

7 drops Clary sage 

7 drops Grapefruit 

Wake Up and Concentrate Blend:

5 drops Bergamot 

5 drops Grapefruit 

3 drops of Basil 

3 drops of Rosemary 

Time to Relax Blend:

7 drops Sweet orange 

5 drops Lavender 

3 drops Sandalwood 

I hope you enjoy these simple to use essential oil blend recipes, their aromatherapy benefits, and their multiple uses! Please comment below if you have any questions.

With grace & grit,

~ Raychel

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