I’m Not Good Enough… And Other Lies We Believe

“What if they are right? Am I a big hypocrite that no one wants to learn from? What if I really am unworthy to write a book? Am I unqualified? Not good enough? Am I still too broken?  

We all have lies we believe. The lie of “I’m not good enough” comes from old, old wounds that I have forgiven and released. But, sometimes even after forgiving and releasing those old tapes can start playing again. I had a feeling something was behind all the resistance and procrastination I had been experiencing. Especially when I sat down to write. So, I took some time and walked through an exercise that led me to discover what was causing me to self-sabotage.

I’m Not Good Enough

I wasn’t completely shocked when the limiting beliefs I uncovered where old lies and labels. But, when I read them on my paper, I got angry. Not shame. Or even guilt. Anger. Not angry at myself for letting those lies slither back in. Anger at the words for showing up again and causing me to question my calling and lose precious time. The kind of anger that moves you towards action.

I’m a woman of faith and I believe that God takes shame and how we think about ourselves pretty seriously. We are masterpieces created in His image. The Bible says we can take every thought captive and we are to focus on things that are true, honorable, just, pure, and commendable. (Philippians 4:8-9 and 2 Corinthians 10:5)

Lies We Believe

I’ve been teaching people how to have a healthier mindset and to retrain their brains to focus on truth for half a decade. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful our minds really are! Neuroscience proves we can re-wire our brain. Walking though journal exercises meant to expose, release, and refocus our thinking are incredibly powerful.

Focus returns. Procrastination ceases. Sh*t gets done.

The Truth Sets You Free

When is the last time you thought true, honorable, just, pure, or commendable things about yourself? If you are like most, it’s been awhile. I would bet you have a lie filled tape in your head that plays on repeat. It reminds you of every hurtful comment, failure, and shame inducing memory you have. And it is LOUD and relentless. We all have one.

That tape is full of lies meant to sabotage and keep you stuck. The good news is you have the power to recognize when the tape is playing and push stop. We are not helpless victims to our own thoughts. Don’t believe every thought you think! Stop those old lies and create new tapes, instead.

We all have old lie-filled tapes in our heads. But we are not without recourse. We have the truth. And the truth is what sets us free.

My truth is that I’m not a hypocrite that no one wants to learn from. I am more than worthy to write a book. I am qualified and there is no such thing as too broken.

Your truth is you are enough. More than enough. And you matter.

With grace & grit,


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