Fashionable After Age 60

It’s a common concern for many women, how can you still be fashionable as you get older? Is trendy OK when you are over a certain age? My answer is YES to both!!! Just because you’ve reached that “55 and older” set, doesn’t mean you have to give in your style badges and put on “Mom jeans” and cardigan sweaters.

You don’t want to look like a teenager – or even a 30 something for that matter – but you can still be fashionable after 60! 

Whatever size you are, from petite to plus-size, you can find a trendy look that fits your age. My dear little Mother is 84 years young and still enjoys getting dressed up and looking good – and she loves to wear trendy clothes! She inspired all three of her daughters to enjoy looking put together when you leave the house. We, in turn, have taught our daughters that dressing for success is a real thing and, I can see them teaching their little girls as well.

Age is nothing but number…especially when it comes to chic style! Here are my fashion tips for us older women:

Purge It. 

Go through your wardrobe and purge all the clothes that are outdated. For instance, elastic-waist pants, jumper-style dresses, sweaters with embroidery or appliques, (you can keep one ugly Christmas sweater – but only to wear to your party!!!), unstructured suits, the aforementioned “Mom” pants, and long denim skirts – for starters.

Rebuild your look to be more fashionable after age 60.

After you’ve cleaned out your wardrobe it’s time to begin rebuilding it. You don’t have to break the bank doing this – unless your wardrobe is now empty!! Start with the classics & essentials and stick to a monochromatic color scheme, then add color and trendy pieces as your budget allows. 

Don’t give up the Denim. 

Denim can be worn by women of all ages! If you stay within the parameters of your own body type, you can get a look that’s perfect for you. For instance, if you are a little larger on the bottom, a boot cut or “trouser” cut will look great. The flare of the boot cut will draw attention away from your mid-section and give you a taller look – bonus!!! If you are smaller, you can actually wear a skinny jean – even if you have a tummy! Look for jeans that are at least 2% spandex/lycra, which will give you a little stretch and help control problem areas. A darker wash will also make you look slimmer.

Add more color to your wardrobe after age 60.

Color is how you can add a little flare to the basic wardrobe you are rebuilding! Experts suggest you start with the color of your eyes to find the most flattering colors. If you are blue-eyed, you’d work with blue – you can then go to the colors on either side of blue – green, or purple. If you really want to be adventurous, you can add pops of color by adding colors opposite the color wheel! Try it – you might find out you look great in color! Fair skinned ladies need to stay away from colors that wash you out. For me that means staying away from most pastels – especially yellow! You darker skinned ladies can pretty much wear any color!!! 

Stay true to who you are.

Don’t change your “style” but work with it with the help of these guidelines. If you’ve always worn bright, bold colors, or a boho look – don’t stop!

Add patterns and textures

Are you a little color shy? Then add patterns and textures! Show off your personality with animal prints, florals, and bold textures.

Stay age appropriate to be fashionable after age 60

Be careful that the overall look is stylish and not too young. Older women shouldn’t wear super short shorts, skirts, or dresses. Be careful of “peek-a-boo” anything! Wearing anything over sexy is just not a good look on us older ladies – no matter how in shape you are! 

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize. 

You can update an existing outfit that has good “bones” by adding a trendy accessory! Accessories can instantly change your so-so outfit into a fashion statement and help you stay within your budget.

Sensible chic shoes. 

Sometimes shoes can be a little tricky because trendy shoes are often too high for the mature woman. Let’s face it – we don’t move so well and we fall down!! There’s nothing worse than any woman, whatever her age, tottering around on heels that are too high!Look for cute shoes that you can walk comfortably in. It might take a little more work on your part but sensible chic shoes do exist…you just have to find them! 

Growing older does not mean you have to look old and frumpy! God created you as a beautiful masterpiece and you can still honor Him by looking your best when you leave your home, no matter what age you are. With a few simple tips, and a little courage, you can be cute, chic, and fashionable at every age. 

~Coach Joette Knapp

This blog post originally ran in 2016.

Joette Knapp is one of the Spiritual Momma’s to the Big Blue Couch® Coaching Team.  She enjoys using her life experiences and deep faith to encourage others. She is “retired” from coaching these days; but, enjoys guest blogging and being a part of every event she can. Joette works in the kitchen of a local grade school and lives in ND with her husband,

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