Nine Timeless Beauty Secrets of Women Who Never Age

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Have you ever noticed there are some women who never seem to age? What are her beauty secrets? They have a glow that makes you wonder, “What does she know that I don’t?“ I am going to come right out of the gate saying I am the worst at guessing another person’s age. Everyone is older and wiser than me, or much younger than me, there is no in-between. I don’t know what people my age look like, I guess. But I want to know the beauty secrets of women who never age!

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There are women all over the world with timeless and revered beauty practices that are passed down generation to generation. These skincare rituals and healthy behaviors keep them looking younger longer. They age with grace! And, thankfully for the rest of us the secrets are not well kept so we can emulate them, too.

Let us spill nine of the beauty secrets of women who never age:

1. They have an in-depth morning and nighttime cleansing routines. And often double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser first.

2. They always take off their makeup. Always.

3. Lotions, potions, and serums are applied regularly and religiously. Dry skin does not stand a chance.

4. They eat a diet rich in antioxidants and stay away from foods that cause inflammation.

6. Sunscreen is applied when they leave the house.

7. They use a mask and exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

8. They use the best skincare their budget allows, specific for their skin type.

9. They live a life full of gratitude and joy. They know beauty comes from the inside out.

Which one will you implement first? I think I will start with beauty secret #3 and apply my lotions, potions, and serums more frequently, especially to my body. I want to age with grace… not a leather handbag 😉

With Grace & Grit,


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How to Beat Dry Skin: Six Ways to Pamper and Hydrate

When the seasons change our skin care routine often must change with it. In the Midwest we are moving from Winter into Spring and our skin is usually dry, dehydrated, and flaky by this time. This year is worse for many people because we have spent a lot more time indoors with forced air because of the pandemic. If your skin is screaming to be pampered and hydrated here are six ways to beat dry skin.

#1- Up your water intake

You can help hydrate from the inside out by upping your water intake. All cells, including skin cells, need water to function property. The more caffeine you drink the more water you need to compensate. Caffeine dehydrates your skin. So, drink up that H2O to beat that dry skin!

#2- Exfoliate often

You skin can become drier (and even more oily) if there is a build up of dead skin cells. If you exfoliate more frequently you can help your skin care products penetrate better and bring balance back to your sebum production. Aim for 2-3 times per week with a gentle manual exfoliator. Or, as often as your skin can handle it.

#3- Add more heavy hitters

Dry, dehydrated skin can benefit from ingredients like acids that are safe and effective at improving hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a great choice during the winter months or whenever you are feeling dry to boost your skins moisture levels. You produce it naturally in your body and its main job is to keep your tissues lubricated and moist. You can find this ingredient in many moisturizers, serums, and creams.  

#4- Don’t knock the classics

Petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline) can get a bad rap in the green beauty community but you can’t beat it for intense protection of your dry skin. If you want to skip petroleum look for a facial oil that you can add underneath your current moisturizer. Avocado oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oils are all great choices!

#5- Eat more antioxidant rich foods

Just like water, your body needs antioxidants to keep your skin smooth and supple. Up your fruit and veggie intake and add in ethically sourced Omegas when your skin is feeling parched. Make it easy on yourself by adding a supplement or a whole food product.  (Juice Plus+ has some great options with over 50 clinical studies! Click here to find out more)

#6- Switch up your cleansing routine

During dry seasons you will want to switch to a more hydrating cleanser and cut back to only washing your face at nighttime and splashing with warm water in the morning. The same goes for your body. Wash the private parts, of course, but skip scrubbing down your entire body every single day.  

With these six simple switches you will be able to bring your dehydrated, flaky, dry skin back to smooth and supple in no time! Which one will you try first?

With Grace & Grit,

~Raychel Perman

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My Favorite Essential Oil Blends

I just love good essential oil blend recipes! Don’t you? While attending The Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, MN I learned how to use and blend oils. I love essential oils and their amazing properties. The oil blend recipes below are some my favorites.

If you do your research you can find a reputable company that sells amazing oils and blends. My favorites include my local health food shop Terry’s Health and Rose Mountain Herbs. I even buy from Now when I’m looking for something basic like Lavender or Orange.

My favorite essential oil blend recipes are simple. And have easy to find oils.

The recipes below are all safe to use in a diffuser. You can also use them in or in a 2 oz. carrier oil base, and apply topically. Simple carrier oils for all skin types include: Grape-seed oil , Sweet almond oil, or Jojoba oil. 

Essential oils used in the recipes and their aromatherapy benefits:

Clary Sage: Helps with relaxation and eases muscle pain. It is thought to battle exhaustion and mild depression. Clary sage also used to help balance hormones and is great for menopause, menstrual problems, and PMS.

Grapefruit*: Grapefruit is rejuvenating, refreshing, and invigorating. This citrus oil has incredible antioxidant properties.

Bergamot*: This distinct citrus oil is part of the flavor profile of Earl Grey tea. Bergamot can reduce feelings of anxiety and fatigue. It is also helpful for relieving pain and inflammation as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Basil-Basil is good for concentration, headaches, and memory enhancement. Basil is a great mood enhancer and combats feelings of sadness and fatigue.

Rosemary- Rosemary is versatile oil! It is great for respiratory problems, muscle pain, migraines, PMS, memory enhancement, and alertness.

Sweet Orange*: Sweet Orange is a great mood booster. It is also uplifting and refreshing. Sweet Orange has been used to help with stress relief, and to improve alertness. Sweet Orange has incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender– Lavender is commonly used for calming anxiety and depression symptoms. It promotes feelings of relaxation and aids in a restful nights sleep. Lavender is calming, relaxing, and soothing. 

Sandalwood: Sandalwood comes from the roots and wood of the East Indian sandalwood tree. This oil can help reduce anxiety and increase alertness. Sandalwood has been tested in various studies to show multiple benefits for the skin.

PMS and Hormone Support Blend:

7 drops Clary sage 

7 drops Grapefruit 

Wake Up and Concentrate Blend:

5 drops Bergamot 

5 drops Grapefruit 

3 drops of Basil 

3 drops of Rosemary 

Time to Relax Blend:

7 drops Sweet orange 

5 drops Lavender 

3 drops Sandalwood 

I hope you enjoy these simple to use essential oil blend recipes, their aromatherapy benefits, and their multiple uses! Please comment below if you have any questions.

With grace & grit,

~ Raychel

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