10 Ways to Build Your Confidence, Immediately.

Confidence is the key to feeling great in your own skin, reaching your wildest dreams, and creating a life that feels successful to you. But most of us still struggle with feeling confident. Maybe it is because we think confidence can only be built by setting massive boundaries or doing deep soul work. Of course, that is necessary sometimes. The good news is you can also build your confidence with fun and easy daily action steps. These 10 fun and easy action steps will build your confidence – no therapy session required!

Smile at everyone you meet for one day.

People are sadder than you realize, and a smile can literally improve someone’s day- and it’s guaranteed to boost your confidence because its fun and easy.

Get a new haircut.

It is time for the pandemic hair to go. If your city is coming out of lockdown- get thee to the salon! Even if it’s just a trim you’ll feel so much better!

Create a confidence playlist.

Music is a great mood booster! Make a specific playlist just for confidence boosting and pack that playlist full of tunes that lift your mood and get your booty shaking.

Paint a room in your home.

Your environment is more important than you think. Pick a bright color or a fun wallpaper you have been nervous to pull the plug on and go for it! If you are renting look for removable wallpaper. We did our closet with one I found at Target. It has been over a year and still looks great!

Create a “Things I’m Good At” List to boost confidence!

Make a list of 5 qualities or skills you have that you rock at. Toot your own horn, girl!

Create a collage or dream board.

Get creative and make a collage or dream board of the 50 things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Put those dreams on paper where they can inspire you every day.

Buy a new plant.

Give it a name, talk to it, feed it, and water it. Taking care of something builds your confidence and teaches you you to be gentle and caring. If you are nervous buy a cactus.

Stand up straight and look forward when you walk.

Your body language will convey confidence even if you do not feel like it. Bonus points for making eye contact with the people you pass by.

Celebrate your wins.

Write down three things that went well today. And do it every day. Be your own cheering section.

 Clean up your social media.

Unfollow accounts that destroy your confidence. Even if it is a friend or a family member. Your social media is your home- you decide who comes in and what they can do there.

A lack of confidence will cause you to sabotage your best efforts at success and hate the skin you are in. And soul work, while necessary, takes time. Struggle no more! Use these 10 fun and easy ways to build your confidence, immediately!

With grace & grit,


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