An Interview with Joshua Perman

I’m getting married in on January 26, 2019. And I thought it was time for you to finally officially meet the man I’m going to marry. What better way to do that than with an interview. So hello world… meet Joshua Perman, my fiancé. 

What’s your birthday? December 31st.

The best part of a New Years Eve birthday? When you go out for your birthday everyone is having your party. 

What’s your favorite color? If I had to pick a trio it would be black, green, and blue.

White, Milk or Dark Chocolate? Milk Chocolate. 

Tea or Coffee? Tea preferably. Earl gray or black. 

What do you for a living? Currently I’m a registered Central Service Technician at the hospital. If it wasn’t for me everyone would die when they went to a hospital. We clean sterilize and package the surgical instruments. 

Do you have any siblings? 1 younger sister.

What did you think of your first BBCC event? I helped Nate run sound for Beautiful Wholeness in February 2018. I thought it was very powerful and incredibly inspiring. It was the first time I saw Raychel up on the stage doing what she does and I was incredibly proud of her presence on the stage and the gift she has to give to these women.

Favorite food? Meat. Specifically, a bison steak. 

Dogs or cats? Dogs. 

Where did you grow up? Bismarck, ND.

What was your first job? I rented paddle boats out at a McDowel Dam. Possibly the best job ever. 

Did you and Raychel date in high school? No we didn’t. But we were good friends and hung out all the time. 

How did you meet Raychel? The first time would be on 15th street in Bismarck when we had mutual friends Laura and Ashley Krenelka. We were 5 and 6. The second time would be in 1998 when Raychel transferred to my high school. We were 15 and 16. 

If you could have a super power what would it be? Flying or time manipulation. 

Favorite book? Wheel of Time series.

What is one movie you can watch over and over again? Lord of the Rings or Star Wars 4-6.

What’s your favorite thing about Raychel? Her kind heart and unconditional love for me and the kids. 

When did bonus Fatherhood start to feel real? It didn’t happen overnight. When I started taking them to school and putting them to bed. I wasn’t just there hanging out anymore. 

Most surprising thing about Raychel? That she loves playing video games and going on random adventures… especially stuff I never thought she would do. She always surprises me. 

Proudest moment? 1st when the kids all said yes that I could marry their mom. And 2nd when Raychel said yes.

What’s the first thing you bought Raychel? Our chocolate lab Bela for safety and for emotional support. (Side note: Bela has totally switched sides and is now Josh’s dog. traitor.) 

Spring, Winter, Summer, or Fall? Spring. 

Do you have a nickname? Jed (by my mom) Joshua the Warrior Prophet (my supervisor at work.) 

Do you have a hidden talent? Patience. And I can flip my eyelids inside out. 

All our love, 

Raychel & Joshua 

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