6 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Anxious

When you start to feel anxious it’s time to cover the basics and make sure you are taking care of yourself. Here are 6 questions to ask yourself!

#1 Have I eaten in the last 3 hours?

If not, it’s time to eat something! Don’t eat just carbs… eat something nutritious with protein. Drink a tall glass of water too.

#2 Have I showered today?

If you’ve been in an anxiety slump you might forget to shower. No shame. But if it’s been a couple days try jumping into a cold shower to wake up. Or, a hot shower if you need to relax. Even if you have already showered today it’s a good idea to shower again if water relaxes you.

#3 Have I changed my clothes?

How long have you been wearing that shirt/sweatpants? It’s time to change and put on something that makes your feel strong and self-assured.

#4 Do I need to quick clean?

If your environment is full of clutter or dirty you can feel anxious. Time to clean up quickly. Tackle those dishes piling up in the sink or conquer that paper pile that is occupying most of your desk.

#5 Have I been outside today?

Combat the lethargy by going outside for 15 minutes. Take a walk around the block and breathe in some fresh air. Open the blinds and let the sunshine into your space, too.

#6 Have I moved my body today?

Movement helps you beat the blues and If you combine 5 & 6 that’s perfect!

The next time sadness or anxiety try to hijack your day, I encourage to ask yourself these six questions. Then you can quickly put some simple solutions in place to keep putting one step forward. If the anxiety remains after you answer these questions, you can move on to other coping methods with greater success.

with Grace & Grit,


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